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Project diary

Merry Christmas!

With regard to upcoming Christmas holidays we want to share best wishes with you:)

Workshops in Janczewo

Last Saturday – 20.05.2017, in Janczewo (Santok municipality), workshops for the local community took place. The topic of the lecture was social acceptance of bison and minimization of agricultural damage caused by these animals. The workshops were carried out within the project LIFE13...

Immobilization season 2016/2017

During autumn and winter, 16 bison immobilisations were carried out. These treatments are conducted to replace or set a new telemetry collar. During immobilization, the animal is temporarily immobilized...

Preparing to build feeding rack

We started the work of timber processing on boards for feeding rack construction. Timber is sawing by employees of the Bison Support Unit. They’ve already transformed 66 cubic meters of timber. The obtained boards will be used for the construction and repair of bison feeding racks. This year, 7...
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