The primary objectives of the project are:

1. The creation of a model of an endangered species population management in the area of intensive economic use.
2. The increase of the European bison population in northwestern Poland from the existing 110 to at least 190 individuals while initiating the increase of the acreage of the bison habitat by at least 30%, and a decrease in the average seasonal bison density per area unit.

Operational objectives:

1. The creation of a new herd of bison in between the existing ones, and as a result, the increase of the genetic diversity of the population and the facilitation of genetic exchange between herds.
2. The improvement of the European bison feeding basis in the areas of increased acreage.
3. The creation of Bison Support Unit as a system tool for population management.
4. The reduction of damage to forests and crops.
5. The improvement of the safety of animals through the dissemination of information on their current areas of habitat.
6. The use of friendly attitudes of local communities to develop the herd and transfer positive patterns of behavior into new areas.

Expected results of project:

1. The increase in the population by at least 80 individuals.
2. The increase of the area of the Western Pomerania bison by at least 30%.
3. The provision of 145,12 hectares of meadows, 48.49 hectares of food plots and 2 hectares of orchards for the European bison.
4. The creation of 22 new feeders for bison and the renovation of the 10 existing ones.
5. The creation of the Bison Support Unit – a unit provided with the staff and equipment necessary to handle the European bison population in Northwestern Poland during the project and after its completion.
6. The creation of two points storing food for bison, ensuring the storage of large amounts of food without loss and its efficient loading and distribution.