On 6-7 December 2018 in Dzika Zagroda in Jabłonowo, a conference summarizing the project LIFE13 NAT/PL/000010 "Diversification and development of the European bison population in north-western Poland" was held. The meeting was attended by about 60 people. All participants received nice gifts in the form of bags with design gadgets. We had the pleasure of hosting not only people from Poland, but also from abroad. The key element of the conference were lectures given by invited guests (translated in two languages ​​PL, ANG): 

“Development of bison population during duration of the LIFE13 NAT/P /000010 project”

“Methods of bison protection in the LIFE13 NAT/P /000010 project”

"Healthiness of the West Pomeranian population"

"Evaluation of the project impact on local communities and the local economy"

"Financing tasks in the field of nature protection in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship - 25 years of experience"

"What's new in the LIFE Program?"

"Development of the bison population over the last fifteen years"

„Bison Conservation in Europe - Perspectives from WWF Germany”

"Management or breeding? - the European bison protection yesterday, today and tomorrow "

“A test of the economic and social sustainability of European bison in the Swiss Jura mountains”

As part of the meeting, the project partners - Forestry Districts: Mirosławiec, Drawsko, Świerczyna and Tuczno prepared short films, on which they presented the tasks and effects of the work that they carried out during the project. During the break between the lectures interactive workshops on the social acceptance of bison took place, which the moderator led in an interesting way.

However, the conference is not just lectures ...

In the afternoon for the first time in the Dzika Zagroda there was a "light for bison". Our pupils received from Santa Claus a Christmas tree, decorated with their favorite delicacies - apples and carrots. After a moment of observation, one of the bison female approached the majestic step to the tree and grazed the first carrot with grace. Right behind her came the rest of the bison along with our bull Poploch costing delicacies. We did not have to wait long for the culmination, the male after assessing the situation took the Christmas tree on the horns and immediately knocked it down, playing at the best. Our guests were delighted.

We started the second day of the conference very nice - a discussion over coffee about the protection of the bison. Then, visitors visited the Dzika Zagroda, fed the bison and watched the lynx.

The conference ended with a field trip around the bison habitats, organized by the Western Pomeranian Natural Society. Our guests during this trip had the pleasure to go to the Drawsko training ground and meet the wild bison living in the area there.

It was a nice meeting - a time to summarize the effects of our joint work.

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