Last week, we changed collars on two cows from Mirosławiec herd. The devices were put on animals at the beginning of the LIFE 13 / NAT / PL / 000010 project "Diversification and development of the European bison population in north-eastern Poland" (implemented in 2014-2019). The operating time depends on  battery power supplying the GPS and VHF transmitter. It lasts on average about 4 years. During this time, data with the exact location of the animals is sent to us.

It is very important to maintain data continuity in the individual concerned. This is very practical to operation of the Bison Emergency (scare away animals, participating in "unusual" situations with the bison, resolving conflicts on the human-bison line, constant monitoring) and supply many other curiosities about herd behavour. We see, how certain groups occupy specify area. When the animals were  too many in the groupe,  dominant cows go away with few of bisons and look for new areas for themselves to live. This is a desirable action that causes the bison not to be problematic to local farmers. As part of extended activities related to the carer and bison, in the form of the project "Extension of activities of Bison Service Base", it is necessary to changed collars who finish working and put on collars to new individuals who form a new group of bison.

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