Safe Bison Information


      “Safe Bison Information” is a map with online  location of bison herds . The aim of the map is a limiting of incidental meetings, shootings, road traffic collisions and warning of the approach of bison to valuable crops and busy roads.


 Visible areas in the form of colored squares do not show the exact coordinates of bison herds. The area of square is approx. 4 km2.

         Acreage of squares on map is special for keep safe  bison from excessive curiosity of tourists. As a result, the animals gain peace of mind and  freedom to move around  area. SBI map  is used primarily for warning users about the possibility of meeting individuals in different situations, eg. during driving on the national road No. 10 – you can avoid a collision with the wandering bison. Collars that wear bison, have built-in GPS. Every 3 hours the device sends the exact location of the individual. Frequency signal transmission most depends on the terrain. Sometimes a bison herd may stay in place where there is no coverage, then the signal is transmitted with a delay. A special server, which processes the data, flow down coordinate information and visualize them in the program in the form of points. In the later stage of processing the data, the information are sent with a certain delay (6, 12 and 24 hours) and processed by the created for this purpose application SBI . This app. create “polygons” from collected data (colored squares), which are visible on the map on our website.

In the lower right corner of the map:


       It indicates the amount of data that are presented on  the SBI map. Currently telemetry collars have approx. 20% of individuals with the entire population of West Pomeranian. GPS collar usually wear cows, because they move with whole herds. Bulls rarely receive such a device due to the fact that staying alone most of the year. As a result we know where is the whole bison herd. This knowledge helps us observations and activities of the Bison Emergency .

NOTE: It is possible to meet bison, which are not visible on the map and staying in unusual places, eg. in Kolobrzeg, or other, far away from the primary herds from  Miroslawiec and Poligon Drawski. Most often they are bulls occupy the group of bachelor, single adult bull, or a group of cow that is separated from other primary herds. These individuals don`t have telemetry collar. If you have seen bison like the aforementioned, please contact with our Bison Service Base (contact or bookmark Bison Emergency ). Upon receipt of such information on a regular basis we introduce data to the application in the form of “Wandering” and publish in our website. As a result, information about “Migration bison” are publicly available.


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                                                                                    Marking on map  “Wandering bison”