Western Pomeranian Nature Society is a charitable non-governmental organization working for the wildlife of the region since 1994 (until March 2006. under the name of the West Pomeranian Ornithological Society). In 2005, it was isolated from the working group under the name of Western Pomeranian Bisons. Since then, we have been protecting and monitoring the entire population of free bison living in our province.

In the years 2005-2007 was carried out the project “Active protection of bison in Western Pomerania”, aided by the NFOŚiGW. The project was to increase the genetic diversity of the population Westpomeranian (handing over 8 individuals from other centers in Poland), raising animals and reproductive health of the herd, and reduce the number of road accidents.

The project “The protection of bison in Poland: the development and protection of the West Pomeranian herd” conducted by the ZTP in 2008-2010 by obtaining grants EkoFundusz Foundation was found within the framework of the Coordination Centre for Environmental Projects of the project “Protection of biodiversity in forest areas, including in the Natura 2000 network – the promotion of best practices “for best practice to protect the bison. The project has created two new bison herd, so-called. satellite, with a population of 16 individuals. The elements of the project was also a GPS telemetry monitoring, healthcare and winter feeding of bison in the entire area of their occurrence.

From 2006 to 2011 ZTP conducted activities for bisons through the implementation of public tasks: “Selected issues in the protection of the free bison herd of Western Pomerania”, whose demands are made today. In the period 2010-2013 we realized the project POIS.05.01.00-00-189 / 9 “Protection of bison in situ in Western Pomerania” funded under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment (IE OP) funded by the European Regional Development Fund, which resulted in an increase bison population from 67 to 110 individuals (one year before the end of the project), to maintain good health and the health of the population, minimizing damage from bison and increased social acceptance.

As a result of the project “Building of bison show enclosure in the municipality of  Miroslawiec” implemented in the period 2012-2014 ZTP created a show bison enclosure, located on the outskirts of the area of occurrence of free herd. The aim of this project was to protect the free bison population from excessive pressure of tourism, creating a “genetic base” for supply of the free population by allowing herds of free-born individuals in the yard and conducting educational and information activities. The project included the construction of buildings to support bison and facilities for visitors.

ZTP is currently implementing the project “Diversification and development of the population bison in north-western Poland”, co-financed under the Financial Instrument for the Environment (ENV.E.3. – LIFE – Nature) under the LIFE + and by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, which will last until the end of 2018. Protection of Western-Pomeranian bison population implies complex activities related to the maintenance and enhancement of the normal structure of the species in north-western Poland. Implementation of the LIFE project will merge elements of bison protection created in all previous and current projects into one coherent system.

The idea of the project is to change the state of West Pomerania bison population in a relatively short period of time (increase in the number of the population), with a significant expansion of the area of occurrence at the same time and maintenance of relatively low local densities within 5 years. This is to be done through extensive protective measures and carried out by a team of employees in the Bison Support Unit formed specifically for this purpose – during the project. Bison Support Unit is a system component of the protection of the Westpomeranian population within the current project and after its completion. As a separate organizational unit it was created by bison show enclosure in Jabłonowo and uses the infrastructure of this place (office, farm buildings).