On 05.04.2019  we had Polish-German workshop. This event was organized as part of extended project LIFE  13 NAT/PL/000010 “Diversification and development of bison population in northwestern Poland”. The main topic was issue of bisons migration (beyond of Project borders and Polish-German national border) caused of growing bison population and introduction of INTERREG project: “Improvement of cross-border management of bison and elk populations”, in which were participate:  Lebniz – Zentrum für Agralandschaftsforschung (ZALF), WWF German, Humbold Universität in Berlin, Westernpomeranian Nature Society and Culture Center Mirosławiec.

This workshop was organised due dramatic happening in German town Lebus- there was killed bison bull, who  acrosssed Polish-German national border (Odra river). There was first documented accident. After  discussion, we noticed to need increase to protection and monitoring of wandering male bisons. We would like to create a common knowledge and action base for German society to prepare them for similar situation like in Lebus. We believe that our experience acquired during project LIFE and exchange of this experience with our colleagues from INTERREG  made some international cooperation duties.

The first lecture was presented by Magdalena Tracz about dynamic development and migration of bison population. Second was presented by Maciej Tracz, about managment of bison population like Bison Emergency action, immobilization and put on GPS collar, scaring away bisons from fields. Third lecture was presented by our veterinary- Roman Lizoń. He recouted about health issues in northwestern Poland bisons population. The last was short speech presented by Hannes Koing. He introducted to us to INTERREG project. The main goal of project are: creating habitat and migration maps for bisons and elks and mitigation of conilicts with lokal farmers and inhabitants.

In the coffie break, our guests visited Wild Farm. They fed our bisons and make some pictures to our lynx. There was realy nice, all of guests were realy suprised how could such big animals can eat some carrots from their hands.

After presented all of lectures we could sit together and discuss about what we feeling and thinking about bisons as our neighbors.

By exchanging experiences, we can implement postulates of mutual cooperation in the protection of bison in the near future.

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