We are pleased to inform you that on 15 th December 2017, in the Wild Farm in Jabłonowo, another information conference about the LIFE project "Diversification and development of the European bison population in north-western Poland" took place. The event was attended by the most important Polish bison specialists, representatives of the region's authorities, regional directorates of environmental protection, voivodship environmental protection fund, forest districts and the University of Szczecin. During the conference, the participants listened to lectures on: European bison in following voivodships, the project of spreading the bison in eastern Poland, and whether we should be afraid of bison. The progress of works carried out by our team and by the Forest Districts cooperating with us, as part of the LIFE project, were also presented. The conference program also included a tour of the bison and lynx show enclosures, as well as refreshments. All participants of the conference also received a set of information materials. We hope that our guests thanks to participation in the conference could broaden their knowledge about bison and the implementation of the LIFE project "Diversification and development of bison population in north-western Poland".

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